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bunion x-ray

Surgery: What To Expect

Over his past 23 years of practice, Dr. Weiss has treated nearly 4,250 bunions, 7,250 hammertoes, 6,850 neuromas, and 52,250 heel spurs.  Through a conservative approach, Dr. Weiss views surgery as a last resort for patients after all other options have been explored.

All surgeries are done by Dr. Weiss at Parham Doctors' Hospital on Wednesday, Thursday, or  Friday afternoons beginning at 12:00 pm.  They are scheduled through our nursing staff within a two-month window prior to your surgery date.  Recovery for each surgery varies per patient, so please call our office if you have any surgical questions regarding your specific condition.


What makes us special?

What it means to be a Board Certified Surgeon by American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery

What To Know

Please visit our informational and frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages to learn more about Dr. Weiss' most common surgeries.  If you have additional questions regarding surgery, or if you would like to consult Dr. Weiss about your condition, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

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