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Fat Pad Augmentation


 Add fat into areas of your foot that no longer have padding!

Safe and Effective


Treats Corns and Callouses without Surgery 
Rejuvenate your feet and relieve pain


As our feet age, one of the major changes is the amount of fat that is present in the areas that bear weight. This is called “Plantar Fat Pad Atrophy.”  A consequence of this condition is the  formation of painful calluses and corns that can sometimes lead to blisters and ulcers. Those nice looking shoes that you used to wear when you were younger no longer are comfortable and can possibly lead to serious long term damage, like stress fractures, nerve damage, and wounds.

 Treating Plantar Fat Pad Atrophy has traditionally been done with foot inserts, cortisone injections, and oftentimes bone surgery to address the area of the foot that is causing too much stress. 

If you think about it, it's like creating an “internal orthotic” that can allow you to walk barefoot again without pain, like you did when you were much younger.

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