What is a bunion?

A bunion is a "bump" on the big toe of the foot and there are many causes.  Essentially, the great toe joint becomes "crooked" between the metatarsal and big toe. 

What causes a bunion to form?

The most common reasons for bunion formation are genetics, wearing high-heeled or tight dress shoes, injury to the foot, arthritis, flat feet, or standing on your feet all day - with work or other daily activities. 

How can I get rid of my bunion?

Unfortunately, once bunions have formed, there is no way to "fix" them other than surgery.   Bunions will usually progress over time and become more severe, and it is common for people to experience other foot problems as the bunion becomes worse.

What is bunion surgery?

Advances in medicine and surgical techniques have made the surgery experience much more pleasant than it was in the past.  Dr. Weiss' goal in bunion surgery is to make sure the bump is removed, the great toe joint moves better, the big toe is aligned properly, and most importantly, the bunion does not come back.

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