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Second Opinions

"The benefit of being in practice for 27 years is that I've seen just about everything when it comes to foot ailments and postoperative problems."  Most issues can be managed WITHOUT surgery - especially with all the new technologies we have available to us, like the amazing Regenerative Medicine options. 


I am able to "meet with you" via Telemedicine. This provides a secure, confidential way for people from around the world to consult with me.


One of my Surgical Mentors once told me when I was starting out - "If You Don't Have Any Surgical Complications, You Don't Do Enough Surgery." That was a difficult concept to digest being a young newly-trained surgeon. As surgeons, we want everyone to get a PERFECT result. However, even the best trained doctors have surgical complications. Fortunately, when these complications DO occur, I have the training and experience to manage them effectively - sometimes without surgery.


When a revision procedure IS required, I have the knowledge to manage my patient's revision surgery appropriately. I provide my patient a detailed explanation of "what likely went wrong" with their initial surgery - and how this will be addressed with their revision procedure. 

Many patients come to me terrified at the thought of having to undergo another surgery on their foot or ankle. I get it. I've been there myself! I know the feeling of being disappointed and terrified that I had to live with my pain forever. Many years ago I went through 2 failed back surgeriesand I know what it's like to be on the other end of the scalpel. My surgeon (who was highly trained and had an excellent reputation) wanted me to have a 3rd surgery. I politely declined, and found relief through non-surgical treatments, and today I am able to function almost pain free everyday. 

If your current doctor has told you that you need surgery, I can give you an honest opinion on the proposed procedure, and make sure that all conservative care options have been exhausted. I ask that you bring all pertinent X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, Bone Scans, Labwork, and especially the Medical Records that have to do with your problem.  If you are unsure what you need, just call my office at (804) 346 - 1779 and talk to my staff. If you are unable to travel to my office, a confidential Online Telemedicine consultation can be arranged


It is never my intention to "steal" you as a patient from another doctor. I can assure you that I stay quite busy already! Most of the time I provide the reassurance that you need to feel confident that your current treatment plan has been adequate.

-Dr. David Weiss, December 2023


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