Diabetic Shoes and Custom Fittings

The key to understanding the importance of diabetic shoes is to understand what Diabetes is and how it affects the feet.

Diabetes is a disease where the blood glucose (sugar) levels are too high. The increased blood sugar level can damage the blood vessels and nerves in the feet.  The nerve damage is called Diabetic Neuropathy which can cause numbness, loss of feeling and tingling in the feet.  Damaged blood vessels result in decreased blood flow to the feet and poor circulation.

If a patient cannot feel pain, then a sore, blister or a cut can go unnoticed and ultimately, untreated.  Poor blood flow to the feet makes it difficult for a wound to heal. When not taken care of, this can lead to infection and in some cases amputation is necessary.

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What Can a Diabetic patient do to help prevent this?

-Control blood sugar

-Wash and inspect feet daily

-Make regular appointments for a foot check with

your Doctor

-Wear properly fitting, comfortable shoes

Why are there shoes specifically designed

for Diabetics?

Diabetic shoes are constructed to protect feet and provide comfort. They have features designed to alleviate the foot conditions that affect Diabetic patients.

Benefits of wearing Diabetic shoes include:

-Soft, protective material with stitching that does not cause irritation

-Non-binding uppers to avoid any pressure on the back of the heels and toes

-More depth to provide fit without added pressure; allows room for orthotic inserts

-Deep toe box to allow for extra room for toe movement while reducing risk of injury

-Cushioned soles- this reduces the impact on the foot

-Padded heels to reduce irritation

-Stretchable uppers to help eliminate pressure points

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